Chairman Fang Qiuchen attended The B&R China-UK Roundtable

February 04, 2018

The B&R China-UK Roundtable, cosponsored by People’s Bank of China and British government, opened in Kerry hotel, Beijing, on February 1st.

British international trade minister Lian Fox, deputy governor of The People’s Bank of China Yulu Chen made speech in the conference. Douglas Flint , chancellor of the exchequer and "The Belt and Road city" initiative envoy, presided over the Forum. Hu Xiaolian, chairman of the China Import and Export Bank;Wang Bairong, chief risk officer of ICBC;Guo Ningning, vice president of the Agricultural Bank of China; Ren Deqi, vice president of the Bank of China; Zhang Lilin, vice president of China Construction Bank; Zhang Xuguang, vice president of the State Development Bank; Wang Yanzhi, general manager of Silk Road Fund; Fang Qiuchen, President of China International Contractors Association; Lord Sassoon, chairman of China-Britain Bussiness Council; Bill Winters, chief executive of Standard Chartered Bank; Nick Hill Yadi, London Stock Exchange CEO; Mark Tucker, chairman of the board of directors of HSBC Holding;Gregory Hawkinson, Chairman of Arup Group ;Gerry Stone Grimm, chairman of British Standard Life Insurance Company ; Canary Wharf Group Chairman and CEO George Yikebeisike,As well as Lv Zexiang, general manager of Gezhouba Dam , general manager of China Energy Engineering Group Dong Bin and so on attended the forum and made speech.

Holding the roundtable conference during British Prime Minister Teresa May visits China, for inviting Chinese and British representative of enterprises from Financial and engineering industries to discuss how to further deepen the financing and project cooperation of government and enterprises on “The Belt and Road”. This also the follow-up activities of the ninth China-UK summit held in December 2017.

Liam Fawkes, the UK's secretary of international trade, pointed out in his speech that Asian emerging markets are one of the driving forces of global economic growth, so we must further strengthen the China-UK bilateral partnership to promote the development of free trade. “One Belt And One Road” will enhance connectivity and better financing. Britain has strong advantages in interconnection, financial service, project management, design, programme and management are all in line with world-class standards.The financial services of UK Banks cover the whole world, and they have great potential in emerging markets. They are highly complementary to the construction of One Belt And One Road, so UK is an ideal partner.

Vice president of People's Bank of China Chen Yulu , after summary up the experience of financial institutions promoted the “The Belt and Road”in recent years, believes that to achieve providing sustainable financial support for“The Belt and Road”, one is to fully mobilize the power of the states along “The Belt and Road” and the power of capital market; two is to make full use of the sustainable financial support of market operation. In addition, we must give full play to the unique role of open finance in long-term capital support, and strengthen cooperation with multilateral development institutions to ensure sustainability of investment and financing.

Fang Qiuchen, President of the China Foreign Contractors Association, said in his speech that the China International Contractors Association has been committing to Promoting Chin-UK economic and trade cooperation, and has established various forms of strategic cooperation with relevant British institutions.Under the delegation of Ministry of Commerce of China, China International Contractors Association took charge of the work of the Chinese Secretariat of the Chinese and British Entrepreneurs Committee during the visit to China by British prime minister Teresa May, and co-hosted Chinese and English Entrepreneurs Committee Inaugural meeting in January 31st in The Great Hall of the People , Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Teresa May also met with the Chinese and British entrepreneurs.

Next step, the contractor will fulfill the responsibilities of the Chinese Secretariat, play a good role in organizing and coordinating, actively develop member enterprises, and continuously enhance the influence of the Chinese and British Entrepreneurs Committee, held working meeting regularly, strengthen communication and interaction of every member, report problems and related opinions and suggestions of the two sides during the trade cooperation to the two governments , promote economic and trade cooperation between the two sides to achieve new and more fruitful results.


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